Tax Services

Tax Administration Services

Assisting the Company on administrative requirements of taxation in accordance with the Tax Regulations, including application and revocation of tax ID number, registration VAT enterprise, VAT centralized and etc.

Tax Consultation Services

Providing tax advice verbally and in writing to deliver the right solutions and accordance with the tax regulations.

Monthly Tax Compliance Services

Assisting the Company to prepare the monthly withholding tax calculations, prepare the withholding tax payments and reporting the withholding tax return to the Tax Office, consists of employee income withholding tax Article 21, withholding tax Article 23/26, final income withholding tax Article 4 (2), installment tax Article 25 and VAT.

Annual Corporate Income Tax Services

Assisting the Company to prepare Annual Income Tax calculation, prepare the tax payment and reporting the Corporate Income Tax Return to the Tax Office.

Tax Planning Services

Develop planning on taxation that aims to improve the Company’s efficiency of tax burden in accordance with the tax regulations.

Tax Due Dilligence Review Services

Conduct a review and analyze the Company’s tax obligations and financial statements in the terms of taxation and calculate the tax due on the findings (tax exposures).

Tax Audit Services

Assisting the Company on tax audit process, starting from the issuance of Tax Inspection Letter (SP2), review data or documents that will be submitted to the Tax Auditor, submit data or documents to the Tax Auditor, as well as provide the explanations and analyze on the tax audit findings, preparing the Response Letter on Tax Audit Result (SPHP), through the issuance of Tax Assessment Letter (SKP).

Tax Refund or Restitution Services

Assisting the Company on tax refund or restitution process to get back the tax overpayments.

Tax Objection Services

Assisting the Company on tax objection process, starting from the preparing of tax objection letter, review data or documents that will be submitted to the Tax Reviewer, submit data or documents to the Tax Reviewer, discussion with the Tax Reviewer, preparing the Response Letter, through the issuance of Tax Objection Results Letter.

Tax Appeal Services

Assisting the Company on tax appeal process to the Tax Court, starting the preparing of the appeal letter, rebuttal letter and accompanying the Company in hiring process at the Tax Court.

Tax Training Services

We provide the training services regarding to the taxation.


Accounting and bookkeeping is the part of Company’s administrative activities, very important and crucial. We realize that not all companies can better manage their books. Mistakes in managing transaction records can cause your company suffered losses of various aspects.

We understand and will assist the Company’s problems upon request related to accounting and bookeeping. By cooperating with us, we can assist the Company in recorded and posted transactions from your business activities into a book or accounting systems. We shared a professional bookeepers will do the records properly, neatly and accurately follow the systems that has been set by the Company.

Financial Audited Services

Audited financial statements play a critical role in creating and maintaining investor confidence and can unlock valuable insights into the business.

Our financial audit services can help you build trust and confidence through transparency, clarity and consistency.

Through our financial statements audit we are searching and verifying the accounting records and examining other evidences supporting the financial statements. By gathering information about the company and its environment, including internal control, inspecting documents, observing assets, making inquiries within and outside the company and performing other auditing procedures, we will gather the evidence necessary and conducting of financial audit procedure and issuance of the audit report.

Transfer Pricing Services

Assisting the Company to prepare Master File, Local File and Country by Country Report. Provides practical solutions such as strategic approaches to transfer pricing documentation requirements, which help global businesses to achieve their operational and international tax objectives.