Your compliance is our concern.

Indonesia tax system has a high complexity. There are too many regulations and frequently changed from time to time and less socially patterned from the Tax Office may cause a degree of understanding of the Taxpayer is relatively inadequate. A lot of Taxpayers have to bear the tax burden, such as tax payable and tax penalty as a consequences of not understanding properly the rights and a obligations of taxation.

All of Taxpayer have an equal rights and tax obligations as stipulated in the tax regulations, however, how to implementing the rights and tax obligations is very complicated. In this case, the existence of a tax consultant is the better solution to these conditions as a partner to providing the professional services to the taxpayers to comply in accordance with the tax regulations.

GYAS Indo Consulting is the company specializing on tax, accounting, and financial services. Our company has a professionals experienced in the field of taxation, accounting, and financial services and have a capability to work on domestic and foreign companies, as well as having an experience in the tax audit, tax objection and appeal to the tax court.

In providing services to the client, we are oriented to provide financial and business goal achievements on profit and providing advice or consultancy through innovative and the updates on the tax rules and practices.